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Deborah Benjamin, President

Since assuming stewardship of The Benjamin Companies in 2012, Deborah Benjamin, along with her core team, has successfully developed Arverne By The Sea, a mixed-use, master-planned community that represents the largest development project in New York City outside of the World Trade Center site. Mrs. Benjamin was also instrumental in the process that led to The Benjamin Companies being named the official post-Sandy New York City Build It Back program contractor for Queens.

While continuing The Benjamin Companies’ growth track into the future, Mrs. Benjamin’s first priority is to maintain the company’s alignment with Alvin Benjamin’s original vision. “At its heart, The Benjamin Companies is a family business whose goal has always been to rejuvenate the communities it works in and to build in harmony with the environment,” says Mrs. Benjamin. “My goal is to ensure that we always stay true to that vision and that all of our new projects contribute to the wonderful legacy that Alvin left behind.”

Denise Coyle, Chief Executive Officer

Denise Coyle is the CEO and General Counsel for The Benjamin Companies. Ms. Coyle has over 25 years of experience in the legal field and is currently leading The Benjamin Companies in the development of Arverne By The Sea, a mixed-use, master-planned community boasting 2,300 new residential units, a new YMCA and a 200,000 square foot retail plaza. In addition, Ms. Coyle oversees the management of over 6,000 residential rental apartments and 500,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space as part of The Benjamin Companies real estate portfolio. Ms. Coyle is responsible for the day-to-day operations of The Benjamin Companies. Her duties include the supervision, approval, and implementation of all aspects of construction, as well as maintenance and management of new and existing properties.

Omar Ventegeat, Vice President of Construction

Omar Ventegeat has over two decades of experience in the construction industry. Prior to joining The Benjamin Companies, Mr. Ventegeat worked at Bovis Lend Lease as an integral part of that company’s construction management team. Most notable of the numerous projects Mr. Ventegeat supervised at Bovis was the 750,000 square foot Bronx Criminal Court Complex, with development costs in excess of $400 million.

As vice president of construction for The Benjamin Companies, Mr. Ventegeat utilizes his engineering background to oversee various aspects of new projects, including planning, zoning, design and government liaison. Over the past several years, Mr. Ventegeat has gained special industry recognition for his work on The Benjamin Companies’ two signature mixed-use, master-planned communities: Arverne By The Sea, a 2,300 residential unit, 250,000 square foot commercial/retail space and ocean-front community in the Rockaway section of Queens, New York; and the Knolls of Dover, a 1,400 residential unit, 250,000 square foot commercial/retail space development in Dutchess County, New York.

In addition to his responsibilities heading up The Benjamin Companies’ construction division, Mr. Ventegeat oversees the general contracting and maintenance division of The Benjamin Companies, procuring all contracts, subcontracts, and maintenance agreements for the company’s portfolio.

Dan Smith, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Smith has over 25 years of experience with The Benjamin Companies as a financial and accounting executive. Mr. Smith is currently responsible for all aspects of project financing and accounting for The Benjamin Companies’ two mixed-use, master-planned communities: Arverne By The Sea and Dover Knolls. In addition, Mr. Smith is responsible for overseeing the financial performance and growth of The Benjamin Companies’ portfolio. As an integral part of the executive management team, Mr. Smith oversees all accounting and payroll functions of the company, and supervises all aspects of general operations, real estate acquisitions, construction financing, and tax filings.